Double Matte Erasable Ink Jet Film 4 mil

Dietzgen 7924D Double Matte Erasable Ink Jet Film 4 mil.

  • Ideal as a tear proof and almost indestructible archival document
  • Top coated for quick ink drying.
  • Moist erasability without removing the matte surface.
  • Matte coating is unique with excellent contrast and higher transparency.
  • Excellent line & text sharpness.
  • Accepts cad color line and text.
  • Heavier weight improves handling and durability characteristics.
  • Designed specifically to meet all OEM ink jet equipment manufacturers’ requirements for film including weight, smoothness,  ink adhesion and ink drying,
  • Extra attention to assure accurate converting to specifications, including curl and static control.
  • All rolls precision trimmed with no splices.
  • For use in all ink jet wide format printers. 

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